Welcome to our site where we share the findings of our WebQuest project.

Our group is:

  • Jodi Kohler
  • Deborah Lawson
  • Diane Main
  • Kimberly McCain-Correll

To view the sources we were assigned to use, please click HERE.

The questions we were assigned to answer are as follows. (You can click on a question or the navigation at the top of each page to get to our response.)

1. How might you define Educational Technology?

2. What is the relationship among educational, instructional and performance technologies? How are they similar? How do they differ?

3. What does the "Technology" refer to in Educational Technology and Performance Technology? Can you be an educational technologist and not work with computers or electronics?

4. Educational Technology is used in a variety of sectors in our society, but the focus of the COMET cohort is K-12 schools. Name some specific examples of Educational Technology in action within the K-12 world. Get specific here by describing the types of positions and the types of products you'd find - from school and district staff to publishers who develop products specifically for this market.

5. What are some basic job skills common to the variety of careers in which educational technologists may find themselves?

6. Describe emergent career opportunities for educational technologists. From your unique perspective as elementary and secondary educators, what do you see as upcoming positions/careers for educational technologists?

7. What are some of the current trends that may affect the study and/or practice of educational technology? Name three, and briefly (five sentences max) describe each.

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